SPAL – Space Alpaca

少有的Game Trailer製作,很開心能接下此次Project,把卡通風格的人物,用Cinematic的方式去做成Game Trailer

It’s a rare opportunity to work on this project, and I’m thrilled to be able to create a game trailer with a cartoon-style character using a cinematic approach.

Client: SPAL
Director: Kaicho Wong
Character: Timmy
Props: Tony Kwok
The Space Alpaca team went to outer space to explore the mysteries and sources of space debris.
In a space accident, the spacecraft crash-landed on a planet full of enemies, and the only option was to use a treasure chest to summon alpacas to fight.
The alpaca companion was called to fight.
The more space debris (money) you get by defeating stronger monsters.
In the face of stronger enemies, of course, stronger alpacas are also needed.
In the face of many hurdles, all alpacas passed trials to upgrade, hoping to collect space debris and return to their hometowns.

影片 - Video

分鏡縮圖 - Still Frames

主調太空藍 – 黃紅色系點綴

角色3D化 - Character Modeling