SPAL Gacha – 遊戲抽卡動畫

為SPAL手機遊戲製作的角色抽卡動畫,沿用了系列一貫的太空科幻主題,以「羊駝們接受召喚,乘坐太空艙降落」為主軸,製作了短影片。除了主要遊戲角色與背景使用了Blender 3D製作外,這次過程中也加入了2D手繪作為輔助,令畫面更具視覺衝擊。
The character summoning animation (Gacha) created for the SPAL mobile game maintains the series’ consistent space science fiction theme, featuring characters answering the call and landing in space pods. A short video was produced to showcase this concept. Besides utilizing Blender 3D for the main game characters and backgrounds, 2D hand-drawn techniques were integrated into the process to amplify the visual impact.
Client: SPAL
Production: Late Studio
The space player character sends out a summoning signal (gacha signal)
The space cabin (character) responds to the call.
The space cabin lands in a magnificent and explosive manner
A 5-star character emerges from the space cabin.
For SPAL’s gacha, we have designed two versions corresponding to the rarity of the characters drawn. The normal version is used when drawing 1 to 4-star characters, and the special version is only used when drawing a 5-star character. The text above shows the rare special version.
The landing of the normal version (1 to 4 stars) is a standard descent where the space cabin does not explode but lands normally.


Storyboard Stage

我們使用Miro進行前中後期的資料整合,包括前期分鏡也是直接用ipad在Miro board上繪製。主要是idea構思作用,storyboard也是畫的很潦草 XD
We use Miro for data integration in the pre, mid, and post-production stages, including drawing storyboards directly on the Miro board using iPad for the initial stage. It mainly serves as an ideation tool, and the storyboards are also drawn quite roughly haha.


Draft Animatic to Final Piece

我們在過程中,用Photoshop畫了一些2D草稿,用來指引3D動態,也小部分的2D layer直接經過合成,用到最終畫面上。

During the process, we used Photoshop to create some 2D sketches to guide the 3D animation. Additionally, a small portion of the 2D layers were directly composited and used in the final scene.

在3D中融入日本動畫 - 黑白閃

Black White Flash


Because I like Japanese animation, I have always hoped to incorporate Japanese animation characteristics into my work, such as the black white flashes that I have always wanted to try as an element.

後期合成 - Nuke


We use Nuke as our post-production compositing software. The compositing process is clear and tidy, allowing us to have more control over the visuals.
By splitting the layers, it also makes it easier for us to experiment with different effects individually.


Phone Ratio

As it is a mobile game, the final video pixel requirement is 1125×2436, so in addition to the landscape version, we will also adjust a portrait version for mobile phones.

影片 - Video