Panasonic 「愛衫號」洗衣乾衣機 TVC

Client: Panasonic
Director: Vincent Lam 雲信
CG Production: Late Studio
2D Face: Next Veality
The dirty clothes are waiting in line to be cleaned.
Advanced technology effectively clears pollution.
Washing and drying in one, the clothes feel incredibly comfortable.
Clean clothes are extremely happy.

影片 - Video

Product - 洗衣機

雖然最後會用高清照片素材,但也建造了CG版的洗衣機,用作Lighting ref。
Although high-resolution photo materials will be used in the end, a CG version of the washing machine was also built, used as a lighting reference.

角色3D化 - Character Modeling


製作解析 Shot Breakdown

使用了Fluid Simulation製作,配合洗衣機流動的水。
Fluid simulation was used to create the flowing water in coordination with the washing machine.
Combine different footage to create a cozy feeling similar to a ‘sauna room’.
使用Geometry Node製作前景的泡泡,後景的泡泡則用Footage製作。
Use Geometry Node to create the bubbles in the foreground, and create the bubbles in the background using footage.
Z depth資訊,對於混合CG與水中背景十分有用。
Z depth information is very useful for compositing CG with underwater backgrounds.


The 3D washing machine is used for scene lighting. The actual washing machine used in the final is high-definition product photos.



Because interaction with characters is needed, the body of the washing machine is a photo, while the door of the washing machine is 3D.

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